Board Information

A volunteer board of trustees governs the PSU Foundation. The board is comprised of a minimum of 21 and a maximum of 50 elected members who serve three-year terms. Members are selected for their business, civic, and philanthropic leadership, their professional expertise, their ability to provide representation from a broad spectrum of community interests, and their commitment to the advancement of Portland State University.

The board’s role is to raise and manage funds and provide advocacy to support the mission of the University.

The Foundation Board has thirteen elected positions that comprise the executive committee. The 2013-2014 officers are:

Board Chair: Jon Mitchell
Immediate Past Chair: Pete Nickerson
Chair Elect: Mark Rosenbaum
Secretary: Kimberly Cooper
Treasurer: Tammy Neitzke
Chair/Finance and Audit Committee: Tammy Neitzke
Chair/Board Recruitment and Stewardship Committee:  Mark Rosenbaum
Chair/Development Committee: Kimberly Cooper/Ray Guenther
Chair/Gift Acceptance Committee: Erik Lawrence
Chair/Investment Committee: Mark Rosenbaum
Chair/Strategic Planning Committee: Don Mazziotti
Chair/Real Estate Committee: Skip Stanaway
Chair At Large: Peter Stott

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